Thus it begins

It’s quite difficult to start writing on an empty blog, you know? I guess it’s like when a painter find himself in front of a blank canvas: either he already sees the masterpiece on the board in front of him or he’s just a castaway in the midst of a white ocean. Inspiration is a mischievous fairy that tends to hide when you need her and annoys you when you can’t make use of her. But here I am, writing, so what am I complaining about?

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Feeling so hipster, damn…

You’ll hear me complain a lot here, to be honest, it’s a personal blog after all, but mine won’t be some bland whining about how bad our politicians are or how unfair our society is, there’s plenty of that on social networks. I mean, I will be talking about politics and society too, that’s true, but that will happen with a cynical and critical view, as is expected from a journalist, as I am trying to be. I can already anticipate that the next “post” (I’ll probably just call them like this from now on) will concern international politics, a topic I’m quite fond of lately, and I have to thank Mr. Trump for this. Anyway expect, probably even more often, introspective analysis, as I enjoy the act of digging into my own mind to find all of the thoughts that pile up in its dark corners.

But let’s start talking about the blog itself, since that is the purpouse of this post. First of all the name: eleutheros nous, ελεύθερος νους for those who can read it, means “free mind” or “free thought” in ancient greek. Why did I chose this name? Well, actually I wanted to call the blog simply with my name, but then I messed up some settings with WordPress and the domain name got lost in the nether. In the storm of desperate and wrathful feelings that was growing into me I had flashbacks of my whole intellectual life, kinda like when you die, and for some reason I decided that I had to find a higher purpouse for the ancient greek education I received in high school. And that’s the story behind the name, no other particular reasons. Also, speaking in ancient languages makes you a cool kid, so suck it!

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Those two knew that one day I would have thought of them again.

The reason behind the whole blog thing is way more simple: I want to exercise my English writing. I would like to become a competent journalist in my life and I already took some steps in that direction, but I feel that knowing the major international language well enough to be able to write for some high quality newspaper would be a good move. Too bad it has to be English and not, for example, esperanto, but that’s a topic for another day and another post.

To be completely honest, that’s not the only reason. I like writing and I feel like I should be doing it more often, not just to fight my archnemesis, Sloth of the Seven Sins, but to make use of that amazing tool that is the internet. A writer is an artist, just like that painter I was talking about at the beginning of this post, thus it requires an audience. And what better audience than every person that has an internet connection? I started to feel guilty when this thought infected my mind, as I realized I can’t afford to waste such an opportunity. After all, I only stand to gain.

I guess that’s it for today. I hope that everything makes sense and pardon me if there are some errors, but it has been a long time since I wrote something in English. I’m reading some classics of English literature at the moment (Animal Farm by G. Orwell and Lord of flies by W. Golding), so I’m confident that quality will rise significantly as time goes on. Lastly, as a distinctive mark for this blog, I decided that I’ll write an original short poem at the end of every post I write. Enjoy and thank you for reading.


Flowers know not the name
That men gave to seasons
For they live and die
Having to find no reasons

Cold, drought, withered, abloom
Needless to think of the final doom

– Tomass Vadi